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Pomodoro timer with visible to-dos

Awaken is a desktop widget that ensures your to-dos are always at the top of your screen. Why Awaken is better than other Pomodoro Timers you can write down what you need to do right now along with the timer you can freely set the time for the task (5 minutes to 3 hours) you can track how much time you spent on something. always floats on the screen and shakes every 10 minutes to help you focus. If you are looking for a timer for focus mode, time tracker, and time blocking, Awaken will help you. Get started now for free. --- Written by Useok Lee from Awaken. Awaken | Always On-Display Task and Timer

Always on display to-do widget

Always on display to-do widget We are so distracted. And we often forget what we need to do. That's why we created Awaken, a widget that keeps to-dos and timers on your screen at all times. Available for both Windows and Mac. Get started now for free. Written by Useok Lee from Awaken. Awaken | Always On-Display Task and Timer

Escape the Productivity Trap

The Productivity Trap According to Yuval Harari's book Sapiens, hunter-gatherers worked 35 to 45 hours a week, while modern people work 40 to 50 hours, and an average of 60 hours, especially in developing countries. Advances in technology have increased productivity, but we are working more and living more stressful lives. How to escape the productivity trap ? 1/ Use one to-do list Henry Ford said, "Don't try to be good at everything, be good at the things that matter most." The more services you have to check off your tasks, the harder it is to prioritize. Use one to-do list to get the important things done first. This will help you stay organized and give your tasks a clear priority. 2/ Time your to-dos Parkinson's Law states that "work increases with the amount of time given to it." Based on his own experience, Parkinson found that work increases in proportion to the time allotted to it. Therefore, to accurately estimate your workload, it's a g